Fumigation Treatment Machine_RH-XZ-D

It’s effective physical therapy for pain point and whole body.
To make the herbal effective ingredient to be absorb by heat system.
It was widely used in Hospital and Healthy Center and Acupuncture Clinic.




TCM Fumigation Treatment Machine_RH-XZ-D

TCM Fumigation normally has two basic functions : thermal therapy and traditional Chinese medicine therapy . when people is treated by
fumigation, all his body pores are broaden to sweat more. So , on one hand, the metabolic substance and harmful things will be excreted faster;
on the other hand, some useful medicine can be absorbed more. Fumigation has the following efforts: promoting blood circulation to remove
blood stasis, making inner body warm , diminishing inflammation and relieve pain. Also the medicine can be absorbed to the diseased region
directly , no any other side effect.


Essence of national medicine

 Chinese medical steam therapy has a long history which is popular at royal placeduring west zhou stage. It can be used for cleaning body, treat disease, exorcising evil spirits. It is also an etiquette for greeting people.
It is applied to many clinical subjects since Jin and Tang dynasty, and enter into golden age till Ming and Qing dynasty. Many medical literature records in details like《Inner Canon of Huangdi》《Synopsis Golden Chamber》,《Theory of parallel》《The golden Mirror of Medicine》The ancients has a same principle that is from external treatment to inner treatment, and point out: The truth of external treatment is the truth of inner treatment. The medicine of external treatment is the medicine of inner
treatment. The difference is just the way of adoption(the way of using medicine)…….
For hundreds of years, Many professor and common people apply steam therapy and achieve remarkable effect.


BrandHUAYAN Medical
Physical Weight & DimensionsHeight:1800mm
Main Technical ParametersRated of Voltage: -220V(special customization available )
Average Capacity Factor: 550VA
Cabin Temperature: Room temperature~99℃(Adjustable)
Time set:0-60min(Adjustable)
Cabin Position: 0-45°±2°
Burden Weight of Cabin: >150kg
User Interface:6inch colour(touch panel)
42 pcs of Storage Information:1 probe for 400 storage data
USB Port +4pcs Transducer




Acupuncture Treatment Device

Model: GreatWall KWD-808I

Acupuncture Treatment Device

Model: GreatWall KWD-808I

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