Twice Herb Decoction Machine-HYLR22X

Automatic twice decoct herbal raw material then packing the herbal liquid to small pouch.
2 Other fruit decoction and liquid packing.
Herbal tea drinking to decocting and packing.
It was widely used in TCM Clinique Hospital and Healthy Center and TCM Acupuncture Clinic.
Automatic twice TCM Herb Decoction Machine HYLR22X series.
Under Normal Pressure operation to decoct the raw herb then put the first herb liquid into the storage vessel.Meanwhile setting control panel to pour into water again. If the second decoction is finished.Please make the first herb liquid into decoction pot and intensive mixing.Rely on Traditional Chinese Medicine of culture and theory. Used modern technique and equidment to decoct and packing TCM herb liquid based on slow fire transfer to strong fire principle.
Increase the liquid storage vessel.
Simple easy to operate.
Make the control panel inside body machine.Operation convenience
Setting time and storage liquid is visual.
Warning sound clean from decoction to packing.
Automatic twice Herb Decoction and high-capacity liquid vessel.
Decoction and packing combined, compact and space-saving.
Automatic transfer between high and low fire.
Timing function could be made 1-3 prescriptions to decoct.
Hermetic heat-sealing packing film, computerized control, safe operation, guarding.
Time and energy is saving and improve TCM herbal effect.
Capacity of decocting pot:20,000ml. storage liquid vessel:10,000ml
Usded model packing technology make herbal liqid pouch is convenience to store and carrry.
Physical Weight & DimensionsHeight:1260m
Main Technical ParametersRated of voltage: -220V(special customization available )
Decoction glass pot quantity:2pot
Decoction power:1800*2 W/pot
Heat seal packing power:800 W
Motor power:25*2W
Total power:4600W
Dosage of decoction:(2-15)*2 pairs/pot
Capacity of glass decoction pot:20,000*2 ml/pot
Storage liquid vessel capacity :10,000ml
Package capacity:8pouch/min
Size of Liquid pouch:(95-180)*100  (Length*width)mm/pcs
Volume of pouch:50~250mm(Setting available)
Setting temperature scope data with up and down roller:100-199℃
Decoction time: 2

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